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  • hack_my_life_2_sony_max_series

    Hack My Life, S2

    Starts Saturday 6th August

    Explore the world of "life hacks" - procedures or actions that solve problems, simplify tasks and reduce frustrations!  

  • six_degrees_of_everything_2_sony_max_series

    Six Degrees of Everything, S1

    Starts Sunday 14th August

    This fast-paced comedic show uncovers the fascinating facts that connect our world in hilarious and inventive ways!

  • animals_unleashed_sony_max_series

    Animals Unleashed, S3

    Starts Saturday 13th August

    Animals Unleashed features the most unpredictable and hilarious animal clips from around the world. 

  • anaconda_sony_max_movie


    Monday 8th August

    The expedition becomes a jungle nightmare and they must use every primal resource just to stay alive!

  • anacondas_-_trail_of_blood_sony_max_movies

    Anacondas: Trail of Blood

    Monday 15th August

    One slithering, genetically enhanced anaconda has regenerated to live on in the next chapter of the Anaconda movies!

  • blade_sony_max_movie


    Monday 29th August

    Blade - the American vampire superhero action movie starring Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff.

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