• poormans_bikini_beach_sony_max_series

    Poorman's Bikini Beach, S4

    Starts Friday 5th February

    Poorman’s Bikini Beach brings you the best beach parties from around the world and lots of beautiful girls!

  • barb_wire_sony_max_movie

    Barb Wire

    Friday 5th February

    The sizzling Pamela Anderson stars as Barb Wire, the future's most feared bounty hunter!

  • baywatch_s3_sony_max_series

    Baywatch, S3

    Starts Friday 5th February

    The world’s most beautiful lifeguards, explosive action, daring rescues, courage and passion all contribute to Baywatch's scorching success! 

  • 1000_ways_to_die_-_sony_max_series

    1000 Ways to Die, S1 & S2

    Starts Monday 8th February

    1000 Ways to Die is a fun and fascinating series that follows the 'real-death' stories of people who have met with extraordinary ends!

  • richard_pryor_-_life_on_the_sunset_strip_sony_max_movie

    Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip

    Saturday 20th February

    Capturing all the excitement, lunacy and electric force of a Pryor performance!

  • final_destination_1_sony_max_movie_website_image

    Final Destination

    Saturday 27th February

    Seven people cheat death, but they will not be able to evade their fate for long? 

  • hot_gigs_sony_max_series

    Hot Gigs, Season 1

    Starts Friday 11th March

    Hot Gigs is packed with the sexiest, funniest commercials from around the world - every episode is hot, hilarious and extraordinary! 

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