• dont_trust_andrew_mayne_-_web_marquee_image

    Don't Trust Andrew Mayne

    Started Wednesday 4th March

    He's a likeable trouble-maker who also happens to be a brilliant illusionist! 


  • hip_hop_squares_-_web_marquee_image

    Hip Hop Squares

    Started Tuesday 31 March

    Musical moments and unpredictable interaction between hilarious and well-known personalities!

  • tattoo_nightmares_-_web_marquee_image

    Tattoo Nightmares

    Starts Friday 3rd April

    Three of the best tattoo artists in the business turn disaster pieces into masterpieces!

  • what_went_down_-_web_marquee_image

    What Went Down

    Starts Monday 6th April

    A fast-paced, exciting clip show for anyone who loves sports and people falling down - hard! 


  • chameleon_ii_-_death_match_-_web_marquee_image

    Chameleon 2: Death Match

    Monday 4th May

    When a criminal genius stages a daring raid, a beautiful but deadly agent is called into action!

  • impractical_jokers_-_web_marquee_image

    Impractical Jokers

    Starts Wednesday 6th May

    Bigger, badder and funnier than ever before!

  • skin_wars_-_web_marquee_image

    Skin Wars

    Starts Friday 22nd May

    The search to find the most talented and versatile body painters!

  • primal_force_-_web_marquee_image_0

    Primal Force

    Saturday 23rd May

    Baboons with a thirst for blood threaten a rescue mission on a remote island!

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