• jerks_with_cameras_-_sony_max_series

    Jerks with Cameras

    Continues throughout July

    Jerks with Cameras is a fast-paced prank show featuring a team of quick-thinking comedians!

  • what_went_down_-_sony_max_series

    What Went Down

    Starts Tuesday 21st July

    What Went Down is a fast-paced, exciting 30-minute clip show for anyone who loves sports and people falling down - hard!

  • mission_impossible_ii_-_sony_max_movie

    Mission: Impossible II

    Saturday 4th July

    Top action director John Woo brings his own brand of excitement to Mission: Impossible II

  • senseless_-_sony_max_movie


    Saturday 18th July

    Perpetually poor Darryl is destined to lose his dream Wall Street job until he volunteers for a high-paying scientific experiment that gives him superhuman senses he needs!  

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