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    Tattoos After Dark

    Starts Wednesday 26th November

    Laying bare the cutthroat and wildly unpredictable world of tattoo artistry!

  • upload_with_shaquille_oneal_-_website_marquee_image_1600_x_900_px

    Upload with Shaquille O'Neal, S1

    Starts Friday 7th November

    Basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal and co-hosts Gary Owen and Godfrey review the week's funniest online video clips, as well as creating their own viral videos.

  • online_dating_rituals_of_an_american_male_-_website_series_image_1600_x_900_px

    Online Dating Rituals of the Modern Male

    Starts Friday 7th November

    Online Dating Rituals of the Modern Male - unmasking the world of the online dating culture from a male perspective.

  • rude_tube_-_website_marquee_image_1600_x_900_px

    Rude Tube, Season 6

    Starts Friday 7th November

    Rude Tube presents the Top 50 of the worlds most popular, brilliant, inspired, funny and bizarre internet clips!


  • boiling_point_-_website_series_image_1600_x_900_px

    Boiling Point

    Monday 3rd November

    A pair of sociopath killers take on the police and the mob in order to make one last big score.


  • lock_up_-_website_movie_image_1600_x_900_px_0

    Lock Up

    Monday 10th November

     "This is hell and I'm going to give you a guided tour!"



  • total_recall_-_website_movie_image_1600_x_900_px

    Total Recall

    Monday 17th November

    A fast, furious action movie, filled with impressive stunts and eye-popping visuals!

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