• strangers_in_danger_image_4_sony_max_series

    Strangers in Danger, S2

    Starts Tuesday 3rd November

    These guys push the boundaries of what’s considered safe and have as much fun as they possibly can in the process! 

  • escape_of_die_image_1_sony_max_series

    Escape or Die! S1

    Starts Friday 13th November

    Hailed as the world's greatest escape artist who entertains global audiences with remarkable stunts that threaten his life every time! 

  • ultimate_count_down_logo_2_sony_max_series

    The Ultimate Countdown, S1

    Starts Saturday 7th November

    A funny and exciting series with anecdotes from experts that will make you laugh, cry and remember! 

  • phat_beach_sony_max_movie

    Phat Beach

    Monday 9th November

    Benny is spending a boring summer flipping burgers, but that all changes when his friend Durrell arrives!

  • swordfish_set_movie


    Saturday 21st November

    Behind the world's most sophisticated security systems, the darkest secrets and billions in illegal government funds lie waiting for anyone who's brave enough to try...

  • blade_sony_max_movie


    Saturday 28th November

    Blade the half-mortal, half-immortal is out to avenge his mother's death and rid the world of vampires. 

  • senseless_-_sony_max_movie


    Monday 30th November

    When Darryl discovers that only four of his five senses operate at any given time - he's left literally senseless!

  • 48hrs._sony_max_movie

    48 Hrs.

    Monday 2nd November

    They only have 48 hours to complete their assignment before one must return to prison! 

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