• barter_kings_s1_sony_max_series_image

    Barter Kings, S1

    Starts Friday 7th August

    Barter Kings follows Steve and Antonio, two of the best barterers in the business of trading up from low-value items to items worth thousands of dollars!

  • tattoo_nightmares_miami_s1_sony_max_series

    Tattoo Nightmares Miami, S1

    Starts Friday 14th August

    The stakes are high in Tattoo Nightmares Miami when the tattoo artists see if they can work miracles and turn disaster pieces into masterpieces! 

  • XRC - Extreme Reality Clips, S1

    XRC - Extreme Reality Clips, S1

    Starts Monday 17th August

    Get ready for the most gripping, adrenaline-filled, nail biting reality footage - captured on the spot by fearless cameramen!


  • bad_ink_s1_sony_max_series

    Bad Ink, S1

    Starts Tuesday 11th August

    You'll see the ultimate in cringe worthy tattoos and hear the stranger than fiction stories behind these almost-permanent mistakes!

  • mission_impossible_iii_sony_max_movie_image

    Mission: Impossible III

    Saturday 1st August

    The third in Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible film series. 

  • where_the_day_takes_you_sony_max_movie

    Where The Day Takes You

    Monday 24th August

    Starring Academy Award® nominee Will Smith in this gripping drama that examines the lives of homeless runaway teenagers struggling to survive on the streets of Hollywood.

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