• south_beach_tow_sony_max_series_website_marquee_image_2

    South Beach Tow, S2-S4

    Starts Monday 1st June

    Even the rich and beautiful have their cars towed away in South Beatch Tow! 

  • 1000_ways_to_die_-_sony_max_series

    1000 Ways to Die

    Continues Sunday 7th June

    1000 Ways to Die is a fun and fascinating series that follows the 'real-death' stories of people who have met with extraordinary ends!

  • hip_hop_squares_-_web_marquee_image_0

    Hip Hop Squares, S1

    Continues Tuesday 2nd June

    Hip Hop Squares features some of the biggest and most charismatic personalities in Hip Hop culture today! 

  • mission_impossible_-_website_marquee_image_2_sony_max_set

    Mission: Impossible

    Saturday 20th June

    The cult 1960s spy series is reinvented in this blockbuster action thriller starring Tom Cruise. 

  • shaolin_soccer_-_sony_max_movie_marquee_image

    Shaolin Soccer

    Saturday 6th June

    The movie Shaolin Soccer is a three-way blend of sports, action, and humour!  

  • event_horizon_-_sony_max_movie_website_marquee_image

    Event Horizon

    Saturday 13th June

    Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neill star as the leaders of a rescue mission to find the crew of the missing spacecraft - Event Horizon.  


  • enemy_territory_-_sony_max_movie_website_marquee_image

    Enemy Territory

    Monday 15th June

    A violent street gang tries to terrorize the residents of a New York City housing project…

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