• strangers_in_danger_sony_max_series

    Strangers in Danger, S1

    Starts Tuesday 8th September

    Strangers in Danger follows two thrill seeking friend as they search for the most extreme challenges in every country they visit!  

  • sports_gone_wild_logo

    Sports Gone Wild, S2

    Starts Tuesday 8th September

    The unexpected is bound to happen and it often does!

  • impractical_jokers_sony_max_series

    Impractical Jokers, S6

    Starts Tuesday 15th September

    The hidden camera-practical joke reality series filmed in New York. 

  • whaddyado_sony_max_series

    Whaddyado, S2-S6

    continues from August

    “WHADDYADO" features people in real-life dilemmas and perilous situations - what would you do in the same situation? 

  • snakes_on_a_plane_sony_max_movie

    Snakes on a Plane

    Saturday 5th September

    Giving new meaning to cold-blooded terror, the skies will never be the same again!

  • Fresh


    Saturday 12th September

    A great film about a world often talked about, but rarely seen.



  • black_snake_moan_sony_max_movie_0

    Black Snake Moan

    Saturday 19th September

    Lazarus and Rae struggle to fix their broken lives...

  • lakeview_terrace_sony_channel_movie_0

    Lakeview Terrace

    Saturday 26th September

    Persistent intrusions into their lives ultimately turn tragic when the they decide to fight back...

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