• counting_cars_sony_max_series

    Counting Cars, S2

    Starts Thursday 10th November

    Counting Cars is full of jaw-dropping before-and-after transformations, plus wheeling and dealing at its very best!

  • fear_factor_sony_max_series_-_man_eating_maggots

    Fear Factor South Africa, S2

    Starts Friday 11th November

    Fear Factor South Africa is a heart-stopping series that taps into everyone’s most primal fears!

  • poormans_bikini_beach_sony_max_series

    Poorman's Bikini Beach, S4

    Starts Monday 7th November

    Poorman’s Bikini Beach brings you the best beach parties in the world along with lots of beautiful girls!

  • logans_war_-_bound_by_honour_sony_max_movie

    Logan’s War: Bound by Honour

    Monday 7th November

    Logan is confronted with a choice - will he fulfill the child’s vow of revenge, or the adult’s commitment to justice?  

  • ride_sony_max_movie_website_image_1600_x_900_px


    Saturday 12th November

    The misadventure of a lifetime! 

  • justice_aka_backlash_sony_channel_movie_june_2016


    Saturday 26th November

    Gina is a federal prosecutor who sends a major drug dealer to prison only to find herself the target of his partners in crime. 

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