The Boondocks

About The Boondocks

Like the comic strip, THE BOONDOCKS is a provocative, family-based comedy brimming with social relevance and satire. When Robert "Granddad" Freeman becomes the legal guardian of his rambunctious grandkids, he moves the family from the south side of Chicago to the quiet and safety of "The Boondocks" - a.k.a. suburban Woodcrest - in hopes that he can ignore the kids altogether and enjoy the fourth quarter of his life in peace. But neither Huey, a ten-year-old leftist revolutionary, nor his eight-year-old misfit brother, Riley, are thrilled about their new environment. Although the boys torture each other and provoke the neighborhood, they are still no match for Granddad, who is eccentric even by "crazy-ass-old-black-man" standards.