Murder on the 13th Floor


About Murder on the 13th Floor

Jordan (Sean Patrick Thomas) and Arianna Braxton (Jordan Ladd) are the perfect family. They own a promising business, a high tech condominium complex where they are the first residents, and have an adorable son, Cody (Terrell Ramson Jr.), who has a great relationship with their live-in nanny, Nia (Tessa Thompson).

Everything seems to go smoothly until Arianna finds out Nia is not simply the nanny in the eyes of her husband. She has not only captivated Codys love but she is also expecting Jordan's baby. Arianna is unwilling to simply get a divorce, they have not yet launched their state-of-the-art building and it would cost her a fortune. So she decides to seek revenge on Nia and schemes a murderous plan.

The night the couple is out in the presentation of their intelligent residential complex, a pair of thugs, hired by Arianna, are to break into the building, capture Nia using the cutting edge security system and kill her while simulating a frustrated robbery. But Arianna's scheme backfires when an unforeseen change of plan locks the Braxton's son in with Nia. Now Nia will have to overcome the killers, protect Cody and find a way to get out of this luxury prison. However, Arianna is not going to give up easily, she will have to do it herself and do it right!



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